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Sterling Silver Jewelry, gifts and miniatures

Silver artifacts online shop

Caspi Silver offers 24 plus years in the design and quality manufacture of custom silver products.These products now grace the mantels of leading political, military, academic and social leaders on five continents.

Caspi custom products are designed to; individual, organizational, corporate and government, award events and many social and religious celebrations. Caspi silver art for "Business" products make it an internationally recognized and proven leader in the support of client market promotional programs. That custom range and  Caspi´s unique consumer silver products number more than 1200 works.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Sterling Silver Miniatures Sterling Silver Judaica
Sterling Silver animals Sterling Silver Promotional Gifts Sterling Silver Chess set

Sterling silver jewelry  Sterling silver gifts  Sterling silver Judaica  Sterling silver miniatures
Sterling silver animals  Sterling silver beads  |  Sterling silver fruits and vegetables  |  Sterling silver figurines
Sterling silver baby gifts  |  Sterling silver promotional gifts  Sterling silver holy land gifts  |  Sterling silver chess set
Sterling silver key ring  Sterling silver flowers  Sterling silver military gifts

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